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Public Notice Scroll Table of Clean Water Act
Civil Penalty Order Public Notices
(Posted below are penalties that have been publically noticed in last 30 days)

Public Notice Archives

Please refer to the Public Notice web page for additional information on public notices.

Docket Number
In the Matter of
Proposed Penalty
10/31/2014 CWA-07-2014-0102 Winifred Feed Lot, LLC, Frankfurt, Marshall County, KS $16,150
10/15/2014 CWA-07-2014-0081 E&M Farms, Inc. Ossian, Winneshiek County, Iowa $9,000
10/8/2014 CWA-07-2014-0051 Shine Bros. Corp. Spencer, IA $120,000
10/2/2014 CWA-07-2014-0093 City of Raymore, MO $22,000
10/2/2014 CWA-07-2014-0100 City of Weston, MO $11,000
8/11/2014 CWA-07-2014-0082 Cargill, Incorporated, Blair, Nebraska and Eddyville, Iowa $187,500
8/4/2014 CWA-07-2014-0002 City Wide Construction Products, Inc., Ozark, MO $10,942
7/30/2014 CWA-07-2014-0002 City of Madrid, Iowa $15,000
7/28/2014 CWA-07-2014-0085 Douglas and Renee Sunderman D/B/A/ Sunderman Feedlots $16,500
7/28/2014 CWA-07-2014-0084 Mercy Health, Joplin, Missouri $82,500
7/24/2014 CWA-07-2014-0068 City of Jefferson, Missouri $55,000
7/2/2014 CWA-07-2014-0071 Brent McMinn, Patton, MO $20,000
6/9/2014 CWA-07-2014-0075 Central Feeders, Inc., Overton, Nebraska $38,911

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