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Aluminum & Steel Cans

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Aluminum and steel are the most common types of metal containers recycled. While recycling aluminum and steel is more common, there are still millions of pounds of metal entering our landfills each year.

What You Can Do:

Sort your household waste and recycle your used soda cans, soup cans, and other metal containers. Many communities offer curbside or drop-off recycling opportunities for these items. There may even be a drop off area at a local shopping center that will pay you directly for your cans by the pound, or per container if you live in a state with a return deposit.

For More Information:

The Aluminum section of the EPA Commodities web page, provides the following:

Fact - With the aluminum we throw away in 3 months, the U.S. could rebuild its entire commercial airfleet
  • basic facts on generation and recycling rates,

  • the recycling process,

  • the environmental benefits of recycling,

  • source reduction markets for recovered aluminum,

  • buy recycled links,

  • links to industry associations and other information sources.

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