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Information Sources for Municipal Solid Waste

EPA National Solid Waste Pages

A Collection of Solid Waste Resources

EPA Call Center

EPA Publications

Recycled Commodities

State Resources

The EPA National Solid Waste Pages

contain a wealth of information on MSW, including the following:

A Collection of Solid Waste Resources on CD-ROM

contains all of our most popular publications. The following topics are included:

Source Reduction Recycling Buying Recycled Composting
Landfills Public Participation Household Hazardous Waste Climate Change and Waste
Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste Pay as You Throw Municipal Solid Waste Management Information Sources

Environmental Education
Kids Games and Activities Full Cost Accounting Life Cycle Management

EPA Call Center


For additional information on solid waste issues, call the RCRA, Superfund & EPCRA Call Center. This publicly accessible service provides up-to-date information on several Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs including Solid Waste.

The Call Center responds to factual questions and maintains up-to-date information on the availability and distribution of publications and other resources.

picture of black telephone

(Hearing Impaired)

Other EPA Hotlines , Over 45 additional toll-free information lines are available for EPA programs ranging from Acid Rain to Wetlands information.

Recycled Commodities

This section of EPA's MSW Website ,contains information, publications and links on waste generation, waste prevention and recycling activities for the following materials:

Aluminum Food Scraps Steel
Antifreeze Glass Textiles
Automotive Parts Oil Tires
Batteries Paper Yard Debris
Disaster Debris Plastics

See the “How Can I Recycle?” section for additional information on commonly recycled materials

EPA Publications

The National Waste Publications page, includes a comprehensive listing of materials that are available on-line and that can be ordered at no cost.

Landfill publications can be accessed on the Municipal Solid Waste Landfill page.

Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: Describes the national MSW stream based on data collected between 1960 and 2001. Includes information on MSW generation, recovery, and discard quantities; per capita generation and discard rates; residential and commercial portions of MSW generation; and the role of source reduction and other trends in MSW management.

State Resources

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Waste Management Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer resources

Iowa Recycling Directory Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
Automated telephone information system.Telephone: (515) 281-4367.
An automated telephone information system provides around-the-clock answers to many questions on natural resource issues. During regular business hours callers can easily bypass the recorded messages and speak with an individual.

Bureau of Waste Management Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer - Newsletters & Publications
Kansas Recycling Center Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer locator
Telephone (785) 296-1600

Integrated Waste Management Program Publications Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
2003-2004 Nebraska Recycling Resource Directory Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
Telephone: (402) 471-2186

Solid Waste Management Program publications Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

Local program contacts Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
Telephone: 1-800-361-4827

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