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Plastics share of the waste stream is growing by weight and volume. Most plastics that end up in the waste stream are from packaging and containers. Plastics recycling has increased dramatically in recent years. Products made from recycled plastic include drainage pipes, toys, carpet, filler for and sleeping bags, and outdoor furniture.

What You Can Do:

Check with your local city or county to find out what types of plastic recycling programs are available in your area. When purchasing products, choose items with the least amount of packaging. Also, look for the recycling logo, making certain to separate plastic items by number.

For More Information:

The following links provide information on reducing and recycling plastic-related wastes.

The plastics section of the EPA Commodities web page, provides the following:

  • basic facts on generation and recycling rates,
  • the recycling process,
  • the environmental benefits of recycling,
  • source reduction markets for recovered aluminum,
  • buy recycled links,
  • links to industry associations and other information sources.

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