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Naturally Occurring Asbestos

Local regulation of naturally occurring asbestos in El Dorado County

In order to keep the risk of asbestos exposure at a minimum, the State and the County have a number of regulations in place designed to significantly decrease the chances that asbestos in soil and rock can become airborne. El Dorado county’s Air Quality Management Division enforces the following regulations designed to minimize naturally occurring asbestos dust:

These regulations do not prohibit construction activities, but in areas where naturally occurring asbestos can be found, construction projects must have dust-control measures in place as well as mitigation procedures for soil and rock areas disturbed by construction. In addition, the asbestos ordinance also requires a disclosure as part of real estate transactions for properties where naturally occurring asbestos soils are known to have been disturbed. For more information, visit the El Dorado County Asbestos Web page Exiting EPA (disclaimer) from El Dorado county’s Environmental Management department.

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