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Pure Earth

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

PURE Sarasota is a multi-generational group of dancers and musicians, amateurs and professionals. “Earth” was initially conceived as a one time performance for a charity event but grew, thanks to the enthusiasm and interest of the members, into a larger project where participants continue to promote environmental awareness through dance. During the planning, participants received a series of questions to consider their impressions of Earth. They brainstormed ideas, working together to create choreographies based on the words generated in the exercise. The elder participants helped to guide the choreography framework while the younger team members brought many modern techniques.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

Dancers transformed natural processes such as volcanic eruption and tree growth into lyrical movement, researching the elements by observation in the great outdoors. Costumes for the final performance were made during special workshops by the dancers and included recycling of found clothing and objects to display the idea of sustainability and protecting the earth. The performance imparted a story about the changing planet. Afterwards, the group volunteered to create 100 monofilament fishing line recycling containers and remove trash while kayaking. In this way, the project expanded beyond the dance and the participants explored, and helped, the Earth they portrayed.

The video is located on YouTube. Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer



Music only. There is no narration accompanying this video

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