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High in the Sky

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

I started this essay with Ms. Jorgenson in a hybrid English class last semester, working in small groups/one-on-one. This semester she worked one-on-one with me for the contest to modify my essay. I shared my experience with her about nature/life experiences. She helped me by making me put in hard work and details that described deeper so you could truly experience everything I wanted to share with others.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

This project brought the team in touch with nature by talking about a place/sanctuary I like to escape to, and connect with nature on a different level that others do not.

High in the Sky

A sanctuary is a place to escape. It is a place to have a connection with that others do not. It is somewhere you go to clear your mind. Entering the Kettle Moraine State Forest was like being taken out of this world and thrown into another one. The trees draped over the entrance, providing a shady canopy that welcomed visitors into paradise. Scattered drops of dew slid off the leaves and damped hair as you walk underneath the hanging branches.

After a little ways into the forest, I see a massive oak tree I can’t resist the urge to climb it. I grab onto a vine a hoist myself up into the tree. The slightly bitter smell of the tree coats my nose, and my lips taste salty from sweat. The branches spread out just enough to get around, but close enough together for a steady rout to climb. I lean up against the tree trunk, and release a sigh. I look up to see a spiral of branches and streaks of sunlight cutting through the fresh green leaves. There was a sparrow’s nest not too far away, so I watched the bird fly back and forth, each time adding something new to the nest.

I shut my eyes and listened to the sound of the forest. The leaves crunch from animals wondering on the ground. The wind’s unpredictable gusts blow the leaves around. I feel the warm summer air on my skin. It feels as if I’m a part of the forest. And peace and happiness coexist as one universal want.

That oak tree in the forest was the first place I could say I experiences true peace with myself.


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