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A Place of Happiness

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

I decided to write about my family cabin because it was the place I am in the nature. When we have campfires at night, just hearing the noises makes nature so beautiful and peaceful. I wrote this in short story form because it is my best type of writing.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

While writing this I could not help but smile because I was writing about a place I love. It helped me realize that I really do love nature and that I appreciate it.

A Place of Happiness

The humid war air hits my skin as I help my family pack up the car for the three hour drive to the beautiful northern Wisconsin. The small county of Laglade, Wisconsin, may not be known to man. But to me it is the most beautiful place.

We head north, out of the busy city to our family cottage. When we get into the reservation and travel down the winding road, I know we are getting close. The wild wolf comes into sight and we pass our favorite restaurant in the secluded are of the north woods. My dad pulls onto the dead end road by the Name of Birch Lane and heads down the big hill as the sight of the blue water of Boulder Laker. The row of cottages comes into sight as we had farther down the hill. We head around the corner and up the hill and the sounds of the boats and kids playing flood my ears. One side of the road is the beautiful lake and the other side is the woods where you can see the four wheeler trails. My dad pulls to the side of the road next to the driveway and I put on my shoes and run down the grave hill to the cottage. I stand on the deck and the familiar smell of the cottage fills my nose. The smell of the cottage is hard to describe but to me it is the smell of a fun time. All the feelings of summer flood my body as I walk onto the pier and take in the sun. The beautiful sight of the small secluded lake and our raft come into sight.

The whole family gets together and has a blast together. We always get together on summer holidays up there and a weeklong family vacation because we love being with each other and spending time up there. The night time sky with all the stars and peaceful sound of the loon fill the north woods. The loon is a black and white bird that has live on the lake for as long as I can remember. The bald eagle and nest that can be seen during the day and the sand bar where all the boats park and go swimming and tubing can be seen during the day.

The north woods are not only a time for family but also a peaceful appreciation of nature. My favorite place for summer time is not only a time with family but also a second home. It’s a place where I grew up and have memories. A place where we celebrate America’s birthday and a place where I can take in the beautiful sights and sounds of the north woods. Nature to me is not just trees and dirt; it is a time for family and a place for us to be together. If the northern woods of Wisconsin were not there, I would never be as close to my family as I am now.


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