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Splattered Petal

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

When I took this picture I was at the Tulip Festival with my mom. We had driven up for the volleyball tournament attached to the festival, on a stormy, gloomy, northwest day. Riley, my friend and teammate, and I had sat in the back seat and watched Les Miserables and singing along while out mothers chatted in the front seat. When we got to the tulip park it was damp, we were hungry, and the only bathroom was Honey bucket. But when we got into the seemingly endless fields of tulips, me and Riley started taking pictures urgently, with the mothers taking pictures of us taking pictures. We took the pictures with our phones, and they turned out better than any of us thought. I had been taking pictures of the reflection of the flowers in the mud, when I saw the petal in this picture. It took 15 minutes and me getting plenty muddy for me to be satisfied with the pictures I had taken of it, and this I think is the best one.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

Me, my mom, my friend Riley, and her mother all spent hours outside that day. It was partially because I always take a long time to take all the pictures I wanted to, but we all enjoyed it. It was bitterly cold, damp, grey, and cloudy, but we all happy. I think we also realized how beautiful the world can be, even when you are covered in mud and shivering more than the tulips in the wind. The colored flowers cast such a strong and striking contrast to the dark green trees and London fog clouds, and it was just as amazing as it would have been if it was 80 degrees and the sunniest day that Washington had seen in years. 

Pink petals splattered with water

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