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Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

Reminiscing plays a large role in the daily activities of Community LIFE’s Loving Hearts Center, an adult day center focusing on dementia care.  Our writing process started during an afternoon sitting on our patio.  I asked each individual to share a memory they have about birds.  I wrote down what each person shared.  The next day I gathered the same group together.  I wrote one sentence from each person’s memory on a flip chart. Our intergenerational group came up with the second and third lines of each stanza.  Each member of the group is represented in our finished poem.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

Community LIFE’s Loving Hearts Center is located in the city.  Most of our participants are limited in their opportunities, for a variety of reasons, to be outside and experience the joys of nature.  Though our patio is surrounded by a high solid fence, we try to bring as many outdoor experiences to our participants as possible.  The day we began working on our project was a warm early spring day.  There were an unusual number of birds flying overhead.  That was the springboard for our reminiscing topic which brought our poetic team’s memories of birds to life on paper.


Sitting on our patio in the sunshine of spring
We see birds flying overhead.
We hear them sing.

Billy remembers the “tat tat tat” of the Woodpecker’s beak
Knocking on tree trunks
It’s food that he seeks.

Pauline thinks of a Finch, her wings fluttering so fast
A delicate bird at the feeder
The birdseed sure does not last.

Remembering days of old, spent in the rolling country hills
Catherine saw plenty of birds
So today is no thrill.

Barbara is reminded of the baby birds’ sweet song
“Peep Peep Peep” from the nest
Singing all day long.

Blue birds of happiness, a Cardinal bright red
Wilda likes all the colorful birds
Flying above her head.

Sitting on our patio in the sunshine of spring
Reminiscing about birds
Enjoying the smiles the memories bring.


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