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I Cannot Swim in a Plastic Ocean

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

My mom is currently a PhD student in an Environmental Health Science program. I became an environmentalist by association and I love the sense of responsibility this brings to me. I grew up knowing that I should recycle and that I should NEVER throw trash any place but in the trash can because protecting the environment is a big priority, after all we live in it.

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

I lived in New York from the ages of two to four and from seven to eight. I remember going to the beach in the summer and seeing trash floating in the water. I’ve always wondered how the animals in the sea could live a health life if people always fill it with trash. One summer, my mom began talking about how plastic products end up in our waters. We realized that the natural landscape of the oceans is being replaced with trash and if we do not like living in contaminated waters neither would fish.

I Cannot Swim in a Plastic Ocean

I cannot swim in a plastic ocean so why should fish  
Eating plastic from the ocean is not a tasty dish
Food from a plastic ocean tastes very bad
Why should the fish eat what will make them sad

I want to swim but I cannot swim in a plastic ocean
Neither can the fish, they lose their swimming motion
Plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic is everywhere we go
Please don’t make the environment your foe

I cannot swim where plastic bottles leach out bad waste
The fish in the ocean will definitely get a taste
When I’m thirsty I cannot drink toxic plastic juice
Neither can the fish, this is animal abuse

When fish can’t swim they cry and the environment suffers
In our world we need some kind of buffers
Recycle your plastic and keep it out of the ocean
Because it causes fish to swim in slow motion

I cannot eat plastic and neither can fish
Eating plastic is not a tasty dish
I want to live in a clean world, so do the fish
Let’s clean up the ocean and fulfill their wish


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