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Me and You

Intergenerational Description of Joint Project

This song was inspired by a class I took in Aquaponics and Sustainability last summer on Kauai, Hawaii. My home town, Port Townsend, Washington is a rural city with many small organizations hosting sustainability talks. As a fundraiser for our local 4-H science club, I began singing this song at their events. People joined in during the chorus. It felt good knowing I was a part of an intergenerational community teaching global awareness. We in Port Townsend are leading the way into a more sustainable future!

Celebration of Rachel Carson’s Sense of Wonder

“I admire Rachel Carson for showing me the way to share my own hopes with others, and teaching me graceful resiliency, for when people disagree.” 

- Ella Ashford - age 12

From talks on renewing wolf habitats to affecting climate change, these organizations in our youtube video are working towards sustainability!  We are Inspired by Rachel Carson’s courage:

CedarRoot Folk School:

Teaching young and old the amazing sustainability cycles in nature. 

The Port Townsend Farmers Market: Shepherding in an era of local organic farming.

The ReCyclery: Empowering our community to bike and walk.

The Port Townsend Marine Science Center: Connecting us to powerful experiences with our marine world.

The video is located on YouTube. Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer



Verse 1

C              AM

The world is dying and what do we do?

F                 C

What do we do I ask of you?

C                AM

Some of us are trying but it's not gonna do,

F               C

It'll take a lot more, but for now, it's ME and YOU!


C                G

ME and YOU, ME and YOU,

F                C

Let's just start with ME and YOU.


We can do this if we try,

F                    C

We can do this ME and YOU!

Verse 2

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse they say,

And working together, we'll be OK.

To keep the world from wasting away,

Let's start with ME and YOU. (chorus)

Verse 3

Let's bike, let's walk, let's conserve what we can.

The gas is running out, let's make a better plan.

This won't fix itself, so here's what we do:

We just start with ME and YOU! (chorus)

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