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2012 EPA Research Progress Report

STAR Grants to Support Computational Toxicology

EPA awarded eight grants, totaling nearly $8.6 million, to support research to develop new, innovative ways to test and screen chemicals and chemical mixtures.

In support of EPA’s commitment for safe and sustainable chemicals, the Agency is supporting the development of computational toxicology methods (high-throughput assays; see more in the “Chemical Safety for Sustainability” section of this document). The supported work is advancing insight into the causal relationship between chemical exposures and adverse developmental and reproduction health effects.

Summary of Grants for Developing High-Throughput Assays for Predictive Modeling of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity Modulated Through the Endocrine System or Pertinent Pathways in Humans and Species Relevant to Ecological Risk Assessment

Recipients Research Project Amount Awarded
University of Texas-Austin High Information Content Toxicity Screening Using Mouse and Human Stem Cell Models of Endocrine Development and Function $1,200,000
Batelle Memorial Institute, Pacific Northwest Division High-Throughput Cellular Assays for Modeling Toxicity in the Fish Reproductive System $1,199,908
University of California-Davis In Vitro to In Vivo Screening of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Disrupting Chemicals $649,345
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Cell-Free Neurochemical Screening Assays to Predict Adverse Effects in Mammals, Fish, and Birds $1,199,222
North Carolina State University Multi-Sensor Reporter Cell Technology to Assess Hazard Involving Endocrine Signaling Pathways $950,507
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Carolina Center for Computational Toxicology: Assays, models and tools for NextGen safety $1,200,000
Oregon State University Toxicity Screening with Zebra fish Assay $1,199,999
University of South Carolina at Columbia Imaging Assessment of G-protein-coupled Estrogen Receptor Activation $1,063,460
    Total: $8,662,441

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