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EPA Research Highlights

Clouds in a sky view

Celebrating 40 Years of Clean Air Research
EPA celebrates 40 years of research in support of clean air

Water flows into the street

Aging Water Infrastructure
EPA researchers and engineers work to help communities deal with aging and failing drinking and wastewater systems.

Air pollution monitors

Understanding What You Breathe
EPA scientists are monitoring and analyzing air pollution to develop ways to trace pollutants to their source, and help air quality managers prioritize action.

A collection of landfill waste

Energy from Waste: Burn or Bury?
EPA researchers have completed the first scientific comparison of whether it is better to burn or bury waste when trying to recover energy and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Parking lot

Parking Lots: Letting it Soak In
EPA researchers are experimenting with “green” parking lot designs and permeable pavement as a way to reduce runoff and improve water quality.

Person standing on a scale

Environment and Obesity: Looking for Links
EPA scientists are investigating the link between chemical exposure in the womb and the development of metabolic ailments such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes down the road.

Glass filling with tap water

Homeland Security: Keeping an Eye on Our Drinking Water Supply
EPA researchers test commercial, readily-available water sensors for use in early warning systems for detecting biological and chemical contaminants in drinking water.

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