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GEMS: Great Environmental Moments in Science

A compass pointing north

True North: Sustainability Research at EPA
The Agency’s focus on sustainability brings an integrated approach to research, partnerships, and seeking innovative solutions to environmental and human health challenges.


Toward Sustainability: Building a Better Understanding of Ecosystem Benefits
EPA researchers are conducting a major study of the Tampa Bay estuary and its surrounding wetlands to quantify how natural ecosystems support human welfare.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

Hydraulic Fracturing: Testing the Waters
EPA Researchers combine public and technical input on a study of the potential environmental and human health impacts of natural gas drilling.


EPA Co-Hosts National Bed Bug Summit to Address the Return of a Pest
EPA provides citizens with information about how to protect themselves from bed bugs.

A copper pipe with leaks

Problems with Pinhole Leaks in Your Copper Water Pipes
EPA scientists document, experiment, and research water chemistry to better understand the nature of pitting corrosion and pinhole leaks in copper water pipes.

A hand.

Sparking Innovation to Meet Environmental and Human Health Challenges
EPA is invigorating its research efforts by tapping the collective vision and energy of its own scientists and engineers, as well as engaging others to join the discussion.

Puming fuel

Exploring Nano-sized Fuel Additives
EPA scientists examine nanoparticle impacts on vehicle emissions and air pollution.

Cars in traffic

Mobile Air Monitoring Detects Hard-to-Find Air Pollution Problems
EPA researchers have developed specially equipped vehicles for mobile sampling of air pollutants.


Saving our Estuaries: EPA's Climate Ready Estuaries Program Plans Ahead
Agency provides direct aid to implement adaption plans for climate change-related disaster.

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