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GEMS: Great Environmental Moments in Science

Photograph of woods and forest.

EPA Integrated Science Assessments: Helping Fight Air Pollution

EPA's Integrated Science Assessments deliver the science to support the Clean Air Act, one of the most beneficial federal programs in the nation.

Burning cigarette.

Clearing the Air

The Impact of EPA's Landmark Health Assessment on "Passive Smoking"

Planned landscaping near a road to reduce overflow.

Tapping Green Infrastructure to Curb Sewer Overflows

Utilizing EPA research and guidance, Cleveland and Cincinnati plan to reduce sewage overflows with the help of sustainable, green practices.

Researcher adding a liquid to a container.

New Testing Methods for Arsenic and Lead in Soil

EPA's innovative soil-testing methods could save millions in cleanup costs at Superfund sites across the nation.

Three people on a boat observe the fires from the Deepwater Horizon.

The BP Oil Spill: Responsive Science Supports Emergency Response

EPA scientists provided key support for the federal response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Worker in hazmat suit examines a containment barrel.

Advancing the Science and Engineering of Decontamination

Using innovative science and engineering, EPA's research is improving the response to anthrax incidents.

Information map of the United States

Power Generation and the Environment

EPA's New Haven accountability project helps community strike a balance.

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