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Photo of river and riverbank

Taking Action on Climate Change

About EPA's research to take action on climate change. (Published April 2014).

Car driving through minor flooding in a city after a storm

Stormwater Calculator

Updated EPA tool incorporates climate change information to help planners assess green infrastructure for reducing runoff. (Published April 2014)

Photo of a green roof in a city

Green Roofs

A new study by EPA researchers and partners shows how three types of roofing can help offset warming in urban environments. (Published April 2014)

Man practicing yoga on a clear, clean beach

Good for the Climate and Your Health

The co-benefits of taking action on climate change. (Published April 2014)

Photo of river and riverbank

Ecosystems and Climate Change

To help communities plan for the future, EPA researchers are exploring the links between climate change and ecosystem services. (Published January 2014)

Photo of river and riverbank

Climate Change and Watersheds: Exploring the Links

EPA researchers are using climate models and watershed simulations to better understand how climate change will affect streams and rivers. (Published April 2013)

Photo of Chinook salmon

Helping to Protect Wild Salmon

EPA researchers and partners are working to help protect South Fork Nooksack River Watershed salmon from warming waters. (Published April 2013)

Photo of an older couple walking outside

Climate Change and the Health of Older Americans

EPA researchers are exploring the links between climate change and health effects of older Americans. (Published April 2013)

Aerial photo of a town on a river

Climate Ready Estuaries Program

EPA researchers assess coastal habitats to identify vulnerabilities and help communities prepare. (Published April 2013)

Photo of solar panels at a cleanup site

Greener Cleanups at Hazardous Waste Sites

An EPA guide helps Superfund managers reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions during cleanup operations. (Published April 2013)

Photo of Dr. Andy Miller

The Science Matters Podcast: Climate Change Research with EPA's Dr. Andy Miller

The Associate Director for Climate for the Agency's Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program answers questions about climate change research. (Published April 2013)

EPA Scientist Jordan West, Ph.D.

Planning for a Changing Climate: Meet EPA Scientist Jordan West, Ph.D.

Aquatic ecologist Jordan West, Ph.D., talks about her research on the impacts of climate change on aquatic ecosystems, mainly coral reefs and wetlands. (Published April 2013)

Image of solar panels and wind mills

Breaking Through? Evaluating Technologies for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

EPA modelers develop innovative methods to assess low-carbon technologies. (Published April 2013)


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