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Scientist pouring liquid into Erlenmeyer flask

EPA's ToxCast and ExpoCast: Chemical Screening, Better and Faster

EPA scientists and partners are advancing the next generation of chemical safety assessments.

Photo of hand holding a globe

Safer, More Sustainable Chemicals

Developing more sustainable chemical processes and improving chemical design.

Graphic rendering of a nanotube

Nanomaterials: Harnessing the Potential, Understanding the Risks

Tiny materials with big benefits

Photo of Tina Bahadori

Ask a Scientist

EPA scientists and their partners provide key research outcomes for understanding and reducing environmental risks to children's health.

Children in a classroom

PCB Research Supports Safer Schools

EPA researchers help answer questions about potential exposures in schools

Microscope near test tubes that have plants in them

Partnerships for a Safer Chemical Future

EPA works with industry, academia, and other agencies to promote chemical safety.

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