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EPA Scientists Link Ozone to Cardiovascular Health

In an article recently published by the American Heart Association, EPA scientists link ozone to changes in the cardiovascular systems of healthy young adults.

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A scientific journal article authored by EPA scientists was published on June 25 in the American Heart Association's (AHA) Journal, Circulation. The ozone and cardiovascular health paper links ozone to changes in both the cardiac and vascular systems in healthy young adults for the first time. AHA issued a press release on the paper.  The controlled human exposure study was conducted by EPA researchers to characterize the effect of ozone on the cardiovascular system. Scientists found that ozone exposure caused inflammation of the vascular system and resulted in two risk factors that can lead to a heart attack: a change in heart rate variability and a reduction in ability to dissolve blood clots.


CBS News – “Two hours of ozone exposure may create symptoms that lead to heart attacks, sudden death” Exit EPA Disclaimer

Time – "Ozone can harm the heart in as little as two hours" Exit EPA Disclaimer

Fox News – “Exercising outdoors? Check the ozone reportExit EPA Disclaimer

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