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GEMS: Great Environmental Moments in Science

Little girl learning to hold a spoon by herself

Understanding Exposures in Children's Environments

EPA scientists and their partners provide key research outcomes for understanding and reducing environmental risks to children's health.

Group of children smiling down at the camera

Closing the Asthma Gap for Minority and Poor Children

EPA scientists and their partners are working to better understand why asthma disproportionately affects minority and poor children.

A group of children stand smiling in front of a classroom chalkboard

The National Children's Study

EPA researchers contribute to the largest federal study ever undertaken to examine environmental influences on the health and development of children.

Image of Dr. Peter Grevatt

The Science Matters Podcast: Questions and Answers with EPA's Dr. Peter Grevatt

The latest Science Matters podcast features Dr. Peter Grevatt, the director of EPA's Office of Children's Health Protection.

Pregnant woman's silhouette against grey background

Mothers Matter: Looking for a Healthy Start

EPA researchers and their partners are exploring the links between early exposures to pollution and potential health effects later in life.

Ultrasound image of baby in womb

Predicting the Future of Children's Health

EPA's Virtual Embryo project is helping scientists understand how chemical exposure affects a developing embryo.

Photo of Dr. Sally Perreault Darney at a playground

Ask a Scientist: Q&A with Sally Perreault Darney, Ph.D.

Sally Perreault Darney, PhD, is an Associate National Program Director for EPA's Chemical Safety for Sustainability research program.

Happy young family playing in a park

Protecting Growth and Development

EPA research is developing the tools and information needed to better understand the potential risks posed by endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Young girl smiling into camera

Protecting Children's Health for a Lifetime

EPA and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences support a network of research centers working to improve children's health and prevent disease.

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