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EPA Climate Change Research Aids Tribal Discussions

EPA studies have indicated disproportionate adverse effects on tribal nations in the United States from climate change. Tribal leaders came together to discuss these effects and their plan for preserving their tribal nations.

Scenic view of lake and mountains.

Making up 1% of the national population, tribal nations manage over 95 million acres of U.S. land. EPA studies indicate that those millions of acres are at risk from the detrimental effects of climate change. From extreme weather to rising temperatures, the tribal way of life is at risk. This PBS-hosted discussion features prominent tribal leaders, some of them partners of the EPA, as they discuss climate change and how it affects their people and their land. With minimal resources to adapt and mitigate the problems they face, these leaders tackle tough questions and provide valuable insight into the next steps for Native Americans.


PBS News – "Climate Change Strikes Especially Hard Blow to Native Americans"

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