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EPA-Expo-Box (A Toolbox for Exposure Assessors)

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(Toolbox for Exposure Assessors)

EPA’s EXPOsure toolBOX (EPA-Expo-Box) is a toolbox created to assist individuals from within government, industry, academia, and the general public with assessing exposure. It is a compendium of exposure assessment tools that links to guidance documents, databases, models, reference materials, and other related resources. Exposure assessment resources are organized into 6 Tool Sets, each containing a series of modules that you can access from the table below. In addition, links to resources on other over-arching topics can be accessed from the Quick Finder menu at the top of the homepage. Searching the toolbox (click the link to the right) allows you to quickly identify relevant resources by key words or topics.

EPA-Expo-Box also contains an Exposure Factors module which has been designed to improve the accessibility and usability of data from EPA’s Exposure Factors Handbook: 2011 Edition.

EPA-Expo-Box Tool Sets:

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