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Risk Assessment

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This site provides basic information about environmental risk assessments for the public.
Additionally, the site offers a comprehensive set of links to key EPA tools, guidance and guidelines.

Getting started with Risk Assessment

What's New in Risk Science

Draft Guidance & Tools Available for Public Comment and/or Peer Review

Risk Assessment Related RFA's

  • New Methods in 21st Century Exposure Science
    EPA's Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program is seeking applications proposing innovative research to advance methods for characterizing real-world human exposure to chemicals associated with consumer products in indoor environments. (CFDA: 66.509) [Read More]
  • Susceptibility and Variability in Human Response to Chemical Exposure
    EPA's Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program is seeking applications proposing research to study life stage and/or genetic susceptibility in order to better characterize the sources of human variability in response to chemical exposure. (CFDA: 66.509) [Read More]
  • Healthy Schools: Environmental Factors, Children’s Health and Performance, and Sustainable Building Practices
    EPA's Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program is seeking applications proposingresearch that will inform school (K-12 educational facilities) building design, construction and operation practices in order to foster safe and healthy school environments and maximize student achievement and teacher and staff effectiveness. (CFDA: 66.509) [Read More]

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Information For the Advanced Risk Assessor

Risk Related Information for the Public

Agency News and Events

Basic Information History of Risk at EPA Where you live Guidance and Tools Human Health Ecological Risk Laws and Regulations Glossary Hotlines

Top Three Tasks
  1. Where do I find the most current risk...
  2. How do you perform a ...
  3. How do I find risk-related

More Basic Information


History of Risk

For the EPA, the study of “risk” and “risk assessment” began in 1970's when ... More Info

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Where You Live

Find the risk assessment related pages by our regional offices.
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Quick list of contacts for risk hotlines. More Info

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