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Healthy School Environments

HealthySEAT Information Materials

Getting Acquainted with HealthySEAT for the First Time?

HealthySEAT can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Some suggestions:

Powerpoint Presentation -- Healthy School Environments
Fact Sheet
On-Demand Webcast

Healthy School Environments Powerpoint Presentation (in .pdf format)

This two part presentation covers the importance of focusing on healthy school environments and introduces the HealthySEAT software. (PDF, 70 slides, 3MB, About PDF)

HealthySEAT Fact Sheet

(EPA Document Number 402F05023) in Adobe Acrobat PDF (PDF, 4 pp, 144KB, About PDF)

HealthySEAT Flyer

(EPA Document Number 402F05022) in Adobe Acrobat PDF (PDF, 1 page, 84KB, About PDF)

On-Demand Webinars

Introducing HealthySEAT Version 2

Listen to and view a one hour recording of the November 15, 2007 Webinar introducing the new features included in HealthySEAT Version 2 and how to download, install and connect the new version to your existing Version 1 database.

Introducing HealthySEATv2 Webinar (Windows Media Audio/Visual File; 80 MB; 71 minutes)

HealthySEAT Version 2 In-Depth Training

This 3 hour recording of the November 28, 2007 "train-the-trainer" Webinar is a detailed training course covering all of the key steps in downloading, customizing and using HealthySEAT, as well as tips for training others in its use. NOTE: This is a very large download file.

HealthySEATv2 In-Depth Training (Windows Media Audio/Visual File; 236 MB; 180 minutes)

HealthySEAT Version 1

Listen to and view a one hour recording of the October 26, 2006 HealthySEAT webcast, presented in conjunction with Children's Health Month 2006. Recommended for anyone unfamiliar with HealthySEAT.

HealthySEATWebcast10.26.06.wmv (Windows Media Audio/Visual File; 9.08 MB; 58 minutes)

Order Hard Copies

You can order the CD-ROM or one or more copies of the fact sheet and flyer directly from EPA's National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) (www.epa.gov/ncepihom/) web site. Your publication requests can also be mailed, called or faxed directly to:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP)
P.O. Box 42419
Cincinnati, OH 42419
1-800-490-9198/(513) 489-8695 (fax)

Please use the EPA Document Number when ordering from NSCEP.

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