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Download HealthySEAT Version 2

Getting Acquainted with HealthySEAT for the First Time?

HealthySEAT can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Some suggestions:

About Security and Passwords

First time HealthySEAT users will be able to open and begin customizing HealthySEATv2 without having to first enter a login username and password. Security should be enabled and passwords assigned/modified only after you are thoroughly familiar with the security features of HealthySEATv2 and ready to deploy the application to multiple users.

If you are upgrading from Version 1 and you re-connect your Version 2 database to a Version 1 back end database, any security in use with Version 1 will be active when you next open HealthySEATv2. Remember, the default Username and Password from Version 1 were Username: "admin" and the Password: "admin".

Important Information About Installing HealthySEAT Version 2
HealthySEATv2 Software Download
User's Manual
Checklist and Guidebook

Important Information About Installing HealthySEAT Version 2

Current Version 1 Users Upgrading to Version 2

HealthySEAT Version 2 has been designed to update your existing database without losing any district customized information. If you have been using HealthySEAT Version 1 and have entered data into Version 1 that you wish to save and use with Version 2, such as customized checklist or guidebook information, data on your school facilities, assessors, or assessments you have already conducted using Version 1, follow these instructions.

First Time HealthySEAT Users

If you have not previously downloaded and installed Version 1, or if you installed Version 1 for test purposes but have not entered any data you wish to save, follow these instructions for downloading and installing Version 2 in either a single user environment or a multi-user networked environment:

Installing HealthySEAT on a single computer for a single user.

Installing HealthySEAT on a network for multiple users.

If you encounter problems with the installation of HealthySEAT Version 2, please consult the User's Manual.

HealthySEATv2 Software Download

System Requirements

Following are the minimum system requirements to use HealthySEATv2. Better performance can be expected with systems exceeding these requirements. (Note: HealthySEATv2 will not run on Macintosh computers.)

Download HealthySEAT Version 2 Software (includes User Manual) (.EXE, 40 MB)

HealthySEATv2 User's Manual

Browse the HealthySEATv2 User's Manual (HTML)

Download the HealthySEATv2 User's Manual (User's Manual in PDF format is also packaged with the HealthySEATv2 software.)

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HealthySEATv2 Checklist and Guidebook

The HealthySEATv2 Checklist and Guidebook are already embedded in the HealthySEATv2 software and do not need to be separately downloaded. They are provided below for the convenience of prospective HealthySEATv2 users interested in reviewing the subject matter content before deciding whether to download and install HealthySEATv2.

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