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Webinar Schedule

There are no live webinars scheduled at this time.

"On-demand" Webinars:

Introducing HealthySEAT Version 2

Listen to and view a one hour recording of the November 15, 2007 Webinar introducing the new features included in HealthySEAT Version 2 and how to download, install and connect the new version to your existing Version 1 database.

Introducing HealthySEATv2 Webinar (Windows Media Audio/Visual File; 80 MB; 71 minutes)

HealthySEAT Version 2 In-Depth Training

This 3 hour recording of the November 28, 2007 "train-the-trainer" Webinar is a detailed training course covering all of the key steps in downloading, customizing and using HealthySEAT, as well as tips for training others in its use. NOTE: This is a very large download file.

HealthySEATv2 In-Depth Training (Windows Media Audio/Visual File; 236 MB; 180 minutes)

HealthySEAT Version 1

Listen to and view a one hour recording of the October 26, 2006 HealthySEAT webcast, presented in conjunction with Children's Health Month 2006. Recommended for anyone unfamiliar with HealthySEAT.

HealthySEATWebcast10.26.06.wmv (Windows Media Audio/Visual File; 9.08 MB; 58 minutes)

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