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General School Resources

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Developing a Chemical Management Program

General Chemical Management Program Resources

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Chemical Inventory

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

An MSDS is a comprehensive fact sheet prepared by chemical manufacturers that describes the physical properties, health effects, and other characteristics of chemicals, as well as procedures for handling, storing, and disposing. The Web sites listed below offer valuable information on MSDS:

  • The NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards is intended as a source of general industrial hygiene information on several hundred chemicals/classes for workers, employers, and occupational health professionals. The information found in the Pocket Guide can help users recognize and control chemical hazards.

  • Where to Find MSDS on the Internet Exit EPA Disclaimer provides MSDS resources for governments and nonprofit organizations. Users can search MSDS resources by product or manufacturer.

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Regulatory Requirements

Many chemical management practices are often regulated at the federal, state, and/or local level. Contact your state or local health departments for more information.

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Chemical Use and Management

Green Cleaning

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Integrated Pest Management

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Greening Labs and Lesson Plans
  • Green Chemical Alternatives Purchasing Wizard Exit EPA Disclaimer is a web-based tool created by MIT. The wizard is a guided process that allows the user to search from a select list of solvents commonly used in the laboratory, and the associated process. The Wizard identifies less hazardous and more environmentally benign chemicals or processes that may be substituted, and provides journal references as well as URLs to information that is available online.

  • Green Chemistry Experiments for High Schools Exit EPA Disclaimer developed by Union University in Tennessee these green chemistry manuals offer lab experiments that use less hazardous chemicals.

  • Green Your Lesson Plans Exit EPA Disclaimer discusses lesson plans that can be incorporated into curricula on environmental topics. Topics vary from energy to waste reduction to air quality. Some of the topics that directly relate to chemicals include: green chemistry, chemistry of cleaning and chemical management plans.

  • Least Toxic Chemistry Labs: King County, Washington Exit EPA Disclaimer features a curriculum that discusses a hazard-free lab. The curriculum is designed for high school chemistry classes.

  • Green Chemistry Institute: American Chemistry Society Exit EPA Disclaimer provides activities and resources on green chemistry. Some of the resources include lesson plans and textbooks.

  • National Microscale Chemistry Center Exit EPA Disclaimer describes microscale chemistry, the equipment, and benefits.

  • Science Safety Information Guides Exit EPA Disclaimer were developed by the Council of State Supervisors with support from other organizations. The site contains separate guides for elementary and secondary science teachers on general science safety.

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School Nurses

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Public Service Announcements

These public service announcements (PSAs) target K-12 school and community partners. The PSAs can be used to promote school chemical cleanout information.

Public Service Announcement: Is Chemical Safety Part of the Equation? (Photo of student in front of a blackboard with math equations written on it)
PSA for Organizations

Is Chemical Safety Part of the Equation? (PDF) (1 pg, 4.3MB)
Learn how your organization can work with schools to protect kids from chemical accidents.

Public Service Announcement: You work hard to keep your students safe from bullies and drugs. But what about chemicals? (Photo of teacher
PSA for Schools

You Work Hard to Keep Your Students Safe from Bullies and Drugs. But What About Chemicals? (PDF) (1 p, 621K)

Mismanaged chemicals expose students and staff to unnecessary dangers. Learn about the Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign.

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SC3 Media

Watch the SC3 video: Maria Vickers, Deputy Director of EPA’s Office of Solid Waste (renamed the Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery on January 18, 2009), and Maria Johnson, Science Department Chair at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA discuss the Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign.

Download the Lab Out Loud podcast When Good Chemicals Go Bad Exit EPA Disclaimer. Lab Out Loud is sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association.

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Read Clean Out the Chemicals on Greenversations, the official blog of the US EPA.


These presentations can be used by teachers, administrators, and state officials to promote safe chemical management.

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