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Photo of river and riverbank

Taking Action on Climate Change

About EPA's research to take action on climate change. (Published April 2014).

Car driving through minor flooding in a city after a storm

Stormwater Calculator

Updated EPA tool incorporates climate change information to help planners assess green infrastructure for reducing runoff. (Published April 2014)

Photo of a green roof in a city

Green Roofs

A new study by EPA researchers and partners shows how three types of roofing can help offset warming in urban environments. (Published April 2014)

Man practicing yoga on a clear, clean beach

Good for the Climate and Your Health

The co-benefits of taking action on climate change. (Published April 2014)

Sunset over fishing pier

Ecosystems U: Building a Better Understanding of How Ecosystems Benefit Society

EPA researchers are leading efforts to identify and quantify "ecosystem services." (Published January 2014)

Mountaintop mining site

Aquatic Ecosystems and Mountaintop Mining: Studying the Connections

EPA researchers provide the science needed to protect Appalachian streams. (Published January 2014)

Photo of pelicans resting on rocks in a bay

Nutrients: How much is too much?

Photo from a kayak in Narragansett Bay

Nutrients in Narragansett: Improving Understanding and Communication

EPA researchers are working with partners in the Narragansett Bay watershed to advance the understanding of nutrient pollution effects on the health of lakes, streams, and estuaries. (Published January 2014)

Photograph of a lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay

Partnerships to Protect Chesapeake Bay

EPA researchers and partners are working to reduce pollution and restore the health of Chesapeake Bay. (Published January 2014)

Underwater image of seagrass

How Deep Are the Seagrasses?

EPA researchers are studying seagrasses to help Florida set water quality standards. (Published January 2014)

Photo of a northern spotted owl

EPA "Recovery Champions" Help Effort to Save Threatened Owl

EPA's HexSim computer modeling team works with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to save the northern spotted owl. (Published January 2014)


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