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State and Local Climate and Energy Program

Sustainable Transportation for a Sustainable Future

Salt Lake City, Utah

Federal Funding: $368,554
Project Timeline: February 2010 – December 2012

Latest Update

Salt Lake City has acquired numerous sponsorship opportunities and conducted outreach to implement its most successful Clear the Air Challenge to date. During 2012, the Challenge avoided more than 1.5 million miles driven by promoting air pollution reduction strategies, surpassing the 1.2 million miles it avoided in 2011. This was achieved in part by targeted audience outreach that engaged families and social media users. The project team announced the grand prize winners of the Challenge at the 2012 Clear the Air Challenge awards ceremony at the Utah State Fair in September 2012. September was also Utah’s first Idle Free Awareness Month since Salt Lake City adopted its Idle Free Ordinance in April 2012, and two news conferences were held with community leaders and businesses to commemorate the month.

The City has continued the SmartTrips – Salt Lake City program in a pilot neighborhood with roughly 1,000 homes, with positive results to date. The program has secured funding from other sources to expand the program to two other neighborhoods and to develop videos to document positive changes in the driving habits of individuals under the banner of “Clean Air Neighborhoods.” Salt Lake City intends to create a website to house the Sustainable Transportation for a Sustainable Future toolkit and also work with partners to conduct a macro-level analysis of greenhouse gas emissions reductions during the lifetime of the Climate Showcase Communities grant. Future activities include working with key partners, including the Salt Lake Chamber and Breathe Utah, to continue the conversation about the future of the program’s efforts as the EPA project timeline comes to an end.

Videos and Photos

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Clear the Air Text Alerts

Learn about SLC's Clear the Air Text Alerts.

Utah Families are Taking the Clear the Air Challenge

Exit Disclaimer

Care to Clear the Air Kick-Off

The kick-off for the 2011-2012 Care to Clear the Air Campaign. Exit Disclaimer

New Year's Resolution

Monica Fischli makes a resolution to clear the air this winter by walking to work at least three times a week. Exit Disclaimer

Care to Clear the Air Campaign

The Care to Clear the Air Campaign runs through January 2011 and challenges Utahns to reduce their personal vehicle emissions. Exit Disclaimer

Resolution to Clear the Air

Kyle LaMalfa, a Salt Lake City resident, explains his participation in the Care to Clear the Air Challenge. Exit Disclaimer

Green Business Awards

Through a close partnership with the Salt Lake Chamber, the 2010 Clear the Air Challenge enlisted over 100 local businesses and saved over 2.1 million pounds of emissions during the month of July. Exit Disclaimer

Photo from the Bike Bonanza Event.

Bike Bonanza Event

Clear the Air Exhibit Booth at the Utah Transit Authority's Bike Bonanza Event.

Photo from the 2010 Award Event.

2010 Award Event

Utah Governor Gary Herbert announces the Clear the Air Challenge Grand Prize winners.

Photo from the 2010 Award Event.

The 2011 Clear the Air Challenge

The 2011 Challenge kicked off on June 6, 2011.

Photo from the 2010 Award Event.

Aboard the "Clear the Air Express"

The FrontRunnder train with Clear the Air Challenge window cling.

Salt Lake City is Clearing the Air

This short video highlights how Salt Lake City government, organizations and residents are taking important steps to promote alternative transportation in the valley. Exit Disclaimer

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Project Summary

Community-based Social Marketing to Reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, Salt Lake City is using community-based social marketing to improve existing vehicle travel reduction programs run by the city, county, and state government. To improve these programs and reduce vehicle miles traveled and the accompanying emissions, the City is working with state agencies and consultants to develop effective community-based social marketing. First, targeted research was conducted into the barriers and benefits for each major travel group. Then, three to four programs were retooled, including the development of initiatives for corporations, community groups, and local schools. The programs were launched, and the results are being assessed. The team will then take the resulting Sustainable Travel for a Sustainable Future toolkit to launch vehicle travel reduction programs in at least two other Utah communities. The toolkit will be refined based upon feedback from these communities.

The project will reduce vehicle miles traveled and, as a result, improve air quality for county residents. In addition, the project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program is expected to help prepare the community for other sustainability initiatives in Salt Lake City.

Community Characteristics

Population 185,000
Area 110 square miles
Government Type City
Community Type Urban
Median Household Income $44,552

Program Results

  Reported Results (as of September 2012) Projected Results
Annual GHG Reductions 605 mt CO2e 57,000 mt CO2e
Gasoline Saved 134,408 gallons* 172,870 gallons

* Last updated March 2012

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