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State and Local Climate and Energy Program

State Status Definitions


For categories focused on creating regulations, setting targets, or setting goals, “completed” means that regulations, legislation, or orders have been passed and made official (i.e., signed by the governor), a target has been set by a regulatory body, or standards have taken effect. For categories with a tangible product (e.g., a document), completed means that the product is finished.

Completed With Caveat (C*)

Under this category, work is completed, but some portion of the standard or product is materially different from that in other states that are considered complete. States with voluntary (rather than mandatory) standards are an example of C*. The detailed notes for each state explain the caveats.

In Progress

Under this category, the state is working toward taking action. For product–oriented activities, work is underway; for goal–setting/regulatory activities, deliberations and decision–making are underway. This category includes state legislation that has passed both the House and Senate but has not yet been signed by the governor.

Completed/Further Work In Progress

Under this category, work is complete, but new or additional legislation, regulations, or orders are in progress.


The state is considering taking action under this category, but for product-oriented efforts, no work has started; for goal-setting/regulatory activities, no decisions have been made or legislation passed yet. This category includes legislation that has been proposed but not passed, regulations proposed but not finalized, and goal statements made by the governor or other state leaders.

Completed/Further Work Proposed

Under this category, work is complete, but new or additional legislation, regulations, or orders are proposed or being considered.

No Activity Identified

Under this category, no activity has been identified, or the types of activity occurring are outside of the formal definitions used by EPA to classify these policies.

C1, C2, NC

For building codes only: C1 = goes beyond the Energy Conservation and Production Act (ECPA); C2 = meets ECPA; NC = does not meet ECPA

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