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UV Index

The ozone layer shields the Earth from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Ozone depletion, as well as seasonal and weather variations, cause different amounts of UV radiation to reach the Earth at any given time. The UV Index, developed by the National Weather Service and EPA, indicates the strength of solar UV radiation on a scale from 1 (low) to 11+ (extremely high).

UV Index forecast

Every day the National Weather Service calculates the predicted UV Index for the next day in each area of the U.S. This UV Index forecast is published in early- to mid-afternoon (Eastern time zone) at the EPA Web site. If the level of solar UV radiation is predicted to be unusually high, and consequently the risk of overexposure is greater than normal, the forecast includes a UV Alert. (You can sign up below to receive e-mail notification of UV Alerts for your community.)

Your UV Index

You can use the UV Index and UV Alert to take appropriate sun-protective behaviors and avoid overexposure to UV radiation. Enter ZIP Code or city name and state below to get the UV Index forecast for your community or for a place you are visiting.


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