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Brunswick Wood Preserving Site
Brunswick, Georgia

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Site Description

Brunswick Wood Preserving is an 84 acre site which treated wood from 1958 to 1991. Wood was treated using pentachlorophenol (PCP), creosote, and copper-chromium-arsenate (CCA), which left the soil and groundwater at the site contaminated. In March 1991 Georgia's Environmental Protection Division finalized the RCRA Facility Assessment of the site. However, the company had declared bankruptcy in February of that year and the following month EPA's Emergency Response and Removal Branch (ERRB) responded to a fire at the facility. There are six municipal wells within a four mile radius; these municipal wells and most, if not all, of the private wells in the vicinity draw water from the deeper aquifer. In addition, the site is adjacent to the tidally influenced Burnett Creek.

Current Site Status and Cleanup Actions to Date

  • The Operable Unit One (OU1) remedial design for capping (PDF) (2 pp, 526 K) and subsurface barriers to address site soil and groundwater contamination was completed in November 2004. The cleanup for OU1 is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2007.
  • OU2 activities to assess potential ecological risks will be performed after the OU1 remedial action is completed. Further excavations will be conducted as part of OU1.
  • Subsequent to the March 1991 fire, ERRB began a removal action that lasted until April 1995. All but a few of the site structures were demolished and removed; sludges were dewatered; wastewater was treated; drums and lab wastes were disposed off-site; poles, lumber, equipment, and scrap were recycled and/or salvaged; and large areas of contaminated soil and sludge were excavated (PDF) (2 pp, 530 K). Excavated soils and sludge were stored in four waste cells created on-site.
  • The State of Georgia also conducted their own removal action in 1996-97, which consisted of having three of these waste cells transported and disposed off-site. A new railroad spur was installed on-site to facilitate the state's removal action.
  • Private wells have been sampled extensively in the area since 1991, and annually since 2000; residential soils were also sampled in the Site vicinity, as part EPA's Community Based Environmental Protection Project; Burnett Creek sediments and biota have also been sampled as part of the RI/FS activities. No public health concerns were identified as part of this sampling.

Current Funding Status

  • EPA spent approximately $11.9 million on its 1991-95 removal action.
  • The State of Georgia spent approximately $18.5 million on its 1996-97 removal action.
  • In September 2006, EPA allocated approximately $1.15 million the OU1 Remedial Action, including the in-situ chemical oxidation (PDF) (2 pp, 172 K) groundwater treatment and operation and maintenance components.

For more information on the projects at this site, please read the Brunswick Wood Preserving Fact Sheet on the Region 4 Superfund Web site.

Key Accomplishments

  • EPA completed a study determining the full nature and extent of contamination in June 2001.
  • The Remedial Design for OU1 completed in November 2004.


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