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Solar Energy Powering Green Remediation of Vapor Intrusion at Homes in Grand Prairie, TX

Solar Panel on roof of home.

Solar Panel on roof of home.

Vent for fan under pier and beam home.

Vent for fan under pier and beam home.

The Environmental Protection Agency (Region 6) is using solar powered fan systems at homes on or near the former Delfasco Forge Site in Grand Prairie, Texas to reduce releases of hazardous soil vapors.  Approximately 65 acres of residential land surrounding the site were found to contain groundwater contaminated with the solvent tricholorethylene (TCE).  Homes on or near the site are at risk for vapor intrusion from the contaminated soil, and require a ventilation system to prevent the build up and migration of TCE vapors into the home.

The solar-powered fan systems are designed and installed in accordance with the home’s construction (pier and beam or slab), and help to reduce the homeowner’s energy costs and consumption associated with vapor intrusion mitigation.  Not only are these solar-powered fans an effective means of green remediation, but they are relatively inexpensive, and in most cases can be installed in less than two weeks. 

For further information, please visit the EPA Region 6 Land Revitalization webpage:

This solar-powered success story was also featured in an article Exit EPA disclaimer on CleanTechnica.com

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