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Port Salerno Industrial Park

Franklin Hill, EPA Region 4 Superfund Division Director presented an " Excellence in Site Reuse" award to Janet Kozan and Larry Viens, Port Salerno Industrial Park (PSIP) for their work at the Solitron Microwave Superfund Site.  

In December 2008, the U.S. EPA’s southeast regional office (Region 4, Atlanta, Georgia) recognized the Port Salerno Industrial Park (PSIP) in Martin County, Florida, with an “Excellence in Site Reuse Award.”   Franklin Hill, director of the Region 4 Superfund program, presented the award to Janet Kozan, President of PSIP, in recognition of the successful redevelopment of the Solitron Microwave Superfund site.

EPA attributes the successful redevelopment of this site to PSIP’s outstanding cooperation and the additional efforts the Park put into assisting with the cleanup.   For example, PSIP paid to remove an old structure on the site, which allowed EPA to remove all contamination under the buildings. This approach was a “win-win” for all parties – PSIP can now operate on a site without soil restrictions, and once the site’s ground water is cleaned up, EPA won’t have to perform ongoing site maintenance activities.

EPA also found opportunities to integrate cost-saving ground water maintenance activities that would not interfere with the property’s future use:  Rather than simply adding a new well to track ground water cleanup progress, EPA shut down three wells and added the needed well in a location that would not impact the future use of the property.

The reuse of the 20-acre Solitron Microwave Superfund site is also providing an opportunity to transform a stigmatized, long-vacant piece of property into a valued community asset.  Rather than sitting vacant and unused, PSIP will soon provide much needed retail, office, and warehouse space within Port Salerno, a rapidly growing community in southeastern Florida.   

Recognizing that the site’s reuse could generate jobs and tax revenues, Martin County government officials also supported the company’s activities from the outset.   According to Janet Kozan, “We see such exciting opportunities here, EPA and Martin County have helped us build solid foundations for the future.”

For more infomation on the award or the Solitron site visit Region 4's website.

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