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Superfund Success Stories

20 Years of Superfund Response.

20 Years of Superfund Response
National Superfund Program

The Superfund program was established 20 years ago to clean up abandoned hazardous waste sites around the United States. The program has been a great success! We have established methods for identifying these hazardous waste sites, selecting cleanup remedies, and re-establishing these locations to productive use.

The Superfund program was established by the Congress on December 11, 1980. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act CERCLA, is known as the "Superfund" Act.

The Superfund program's accomplishments grow every year as we turn these abandoned hazardous waste sites into soccer fields, golf courses, shopping malls and office buildings. By September 2000, we have completed construction and cleanup at over 750 sites.

We've written a report and timeline, Superfund: 20 Years of Protecting Human Health and the Environment, detailing the evolution of the Superfund program during the past 20 years.
Our Special Report:
- Superfund: 20 Years of Protecting Human Health and the Environment
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Jack Nicklaus takes a shot out of the golf course bunker at the redeveloped site of the previous Anaconda Smelter.

Superfund Hits Hole-in-One!
Anaconda Smelter Co.

Anaconda, Montana

Jack Nicklaus takes a shot on a golf course that once was one of the leading copper smelting and processing mines. This redeveloped area, previously contaminated with excessive heavy metals, is a welcome change to the 10,500 people living near this site.
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Paddling down the Anacostia River enjoying a warm summer day.

Children Help Restore River!
Anacostia River Initiative

Washington, D.C.

The Anacostia River Initiative was created to address Superfund cleanups at several sites along the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. that may have an impact on the river's ecosystem. Region 3 encourages community members, including children, to participate in the river's environmental restoration.  
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Cleanup results at the Arkansas City Dump.

Superfund and Kansas Work Together!
Arkansas City Dump

Arkansas City, Kansas

Through a partnership with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, EPA was able to successfully clean up toxic substances on the property of an industrial park. Although cleanup procedures spanned over one year, employees of companies in the industrial park were able to continue working during the cleanup process.  more.... (4 pp, 26 K, about PDF)
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Lake cleanup complete at Bowers Landfill site.

Wetlands Get New Life!
Bowers Landfill

Pickaway County, Ohio

Located next to a major waterway in central Ohio, the Bowers Landfill had unusually high concentration of chemicals. EPA worked with Ohio to create seven acres of wetlands in the area between the river and landfill, as a safe habitat for wildlife.  more....
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The Calcasieu Estuary along the Calcasuieu River.

Superfund Protects Home for Wildlife!
Calcasieu Estuary Initiative

Lake Charles, Louisiana

The Calcasieu Estuary includes the area of the Calcasieu River from northern Moss Lake to the salt water barrier at Lake Charles. It is an industrial area where several petrochemical and agrochemical plants manufacture and process diverse products.  more....
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Installing field lights at the new  Chisman Creek baseball park.

Partnership Helps Clean Up Creek!
Chisman Creek Site

York County, Virginia

After noticing a discoloration in their drinking water, residents surrounding the Chisman Creek area initiated an investigation and cleanup of this site. The cleanup sparked the redevelopment of the site into recreational parks and playing fields.
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