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Superfund Success Stories

Emergency Response in action during the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.

Superfund Responds to Danger!
Superfund Emergency Response Program

One in every five Americans lives within three miles of a site where EPA has acted to remove immediate threats to human health. It is the Superfund Emergency Response Program that is responsible for acting quickly in emergency situations to protect humans and the surrounding environment.  more....
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Children playing with a toy sailboat along a waterfront.

Environmental Justice Stands Up for You!
Superfund Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice is the 'fair treatment for people of all races, cultures, and incomes, regarding the development of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.' The program began in response to concerns that minorities and low-income populations were experiencing high numbers of adverse health and environmental effects.  more....
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Palm trees and clean water as a result of the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative Program.

Superfund Benefits Your Neighborhood!
Superfund Redevelopment Initiative

It's difficult to believe, but the beautiful lake and wildlife refuge shown here used to be a mountain of garbage spanning one square-mile. The Florida landfill was transformed into a peaceful and beneficial respite for the public, the wildlife, and the environment.  more....
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Sign behind a fence informing visitors of the Superfund work in action.

Reforms Enhance the Superfund Program!
Superfund Reforms

The Reforms Program was developed in an effort to make the Superfund Program work faster, fairer, and more efficiently. EPA implemented a series of administrative improvements, reaching every stage of the cleanup and enforcement process.  more....
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A creek that has been cleaned up from the waste generated by the Tennessee Products site.

Peaceful Creek Saved from Contamination!
Tennessee Products Site

Chattanooga, Tennessee

This peaceful creek was formerly contaminated with excessive coal-tar discharges from nearby industrial plants in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Even though the contamination didn't cover a large area, it was extremely toxic and concerns about public access to the creek and surrounding areas led EPA to take action in cleaning up the site.  more....
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Camp site along the river at Wide Beach.

Community Preserved, Thanks to Superfund!
Wide Beach Development

Brant, New York

Imagine finding out that the yard of your waterfront dream home was contaminated with dangerous hazardous waste. That is exactly what happened to some residents of Brant, New York, before EPA was called upon to reverse the damage.
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