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Superfund/Oil Program Implementation Manual (SPIM) Fiscal Year 2004/2005

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

EPA 540-R-01-004
OSWER 9200.3-14-1G-Q
PB2003 100720-J
April 7, 2003

Program Implementation Guidance for OSRTI, OSRE, FFRRO, FFEO and OEM (removals)

DISCLAIMER: The policies and procedures established in this document are intended solely for the guidance of employees of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. They are not intended and cannot be relied upon to create any rights, substantive or procedural, enforceable by any party in litigation with the United States. EPA reserves the right to act at variance with these policies and procedures and to change them at any time without public notice.

CONTACTS: Please see the list of subject matter experts (SME) with phone numbers, at the end of each Chapter and Appendix. To email an SME, use the following format: 'lastname.firstname@epa.gov' and please copy hamilton.renee@epa.gov.

Authorization Documents
Letter/Distribution (Original) (PDF) [4 pp, 31KB]
Letter (Change 1) (PDF) [2 pp, 88KB]
Letter (Change 2) (PDF) [1 page, 76KB]
Letter (Change 3) (PDF) [1 page, 27KB]
Letter (Change 4) (PDF) [1 page, 90KB]
Letter (Change 5) (PDF) [1 page, 30KB]
Letter (Change 6) (PDF) [1 page, 29KB]
Letter (Change 7) (PDF) [1 page, 25KB]
Distribution (Change 1) (PDF) [1 page, 62KB]
Distribution (Change 2) (PDF) [1 page, 61KB]
Distribution (Change 3) (PDF) [1 page, 16KB]
Distribution (Change 4) (PDF) [1 page, 56KB]
Distribution (Change 5) (PDF) [1 page, 40KB]
Distribution (Change 6) (PDF) [1 page, 40KB]
Distribution (Change 7) (PDF) [1 page, 18KB]
Impact Statement (Change 1) (PDF) [2 pp, 97KB]
Impact Statement (Change 2) (PDF) [2 pp, 21KB]
Impact Statement (Change 3) (PDF) [1 page, 79KB]
Impact Statement (Change 4) (PDF) [1 page, 76KB]
Impact Statement (Change 5) (PDF) [1 page, 36KB]
Impact Statement (Change 6) (PDF) [1 page, 67KB]
Impact Statement (Change 7) (PDF) [1 page, 14KB]

Organization Documents
Managers' Schedule of Significant Events (Change 4) (PDF) [10 pp, 141KB]
Acronym List (Change 4) (PDF) [8 pp, 104KB]
Organization Charts (Change 4) (PDF) [8 pp, 569KB]
Table of Contents (Change 7) (PDF) [20 pp, 188KB]
Change 7 Log (PDF) [20 pp, 184KB]
Index (PDF) [2 pp, 79KB]

Program Goals and Planning Requirements (Change 2) (PDF) [1 page, 15KB]
Chapter I: Introduction (Change 2) (PDF) [8 pp, 43KB]
Chapter II: Program Planning and Reporting Requirements (Change 7) (PDF) [33 pp, 334KB]
Chapter III: Superfund Budget Planning Process And Financial Management (Change 7) (PDF) [55 pp, 598KB]

Program Implementation Procedures (Change 2) (PDF) [1 page, 15KB]
Appendix A: Site Assessment/NPL Listing (Change 7) (PDF) [ 44 pp, 546KB]
Appendix B: Response Actions (Change 7) (PDF) [81 pp, 996KB]
Appendix C: Enforcement (Change 7) (PDF) [50 pp, 431KB]
Appendix D: Federal Facilities (Change 7) (PDF) [42 pp, 397KB]
Appendix E: Information Systems (Change 7) (PDF) [22 pp, 248KB]
Appendix F: Oil Pollution Prevention and Response Program (PDF) [2 pp, 54KB]
Appendix G: Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) (Change 2) (PDF) [12 pp, 69KB]
Appendix H: Community Involvement (Change 2) (PDF) [18 pp, 100KB]
Appendix I - Not Used
Appendix J: Tribal Involvement (Change 2) (PDF) [10 pp, 55KB]
Appendix K: Brownfields (PDF) [2 pp, 54KB]
Appendix M: Removals (PDF) [10 pp, 151KB]

DATA QUALITY OBJECTIVES: These Data Quality Objectives (DQO) were new with Change 5. This supplement complements the SPIM with additional data quality information for CERCLIS users and does not supersede the SPIM. SPIM language will prevail if there are inconsistencies. Currently DQO data entry timeliness is under review.

Table of Contents and Introduction (PDF) [4 pp, 83KB]

Part 1 - Response DQOs
Number of Site Assessment Reports Completed (Change 1) (PDF) [4 pp, 75KB]
Number of Final Assessment Decisions (Change 1) (PDF) [4 pp, 85KB]
Final Remedy Selected/Final ROD Authority (Change 1) (PDF) [4 pp, 47KB]
Sites with Land Ready for Reuse (Change 1) (PDF) [4 pp, 82KB]
Acres at Sites with Land Ready for Reuse (Change 1) (PDF) [4 pp, 67KB]
Human Exposure/Groundwater Under Control (Change 1) (PDF) [6 pp, 117KB]
Construction Completion (Change 1) (PDF) [3 pp, 77KB]

Part 2 - Removal DQOs
Removal Starts (PDF) [4 pp, 124KB]

Part 3 - Enforcement DQOs
Pre-Remedial Enforcement Action at Superfund Sites (PDF) [4 pp, 139KB]
Past Costs Addressed > $200,000 Via Settlements, Write-Offs, or Referrals (PDF) [5 pp, 181KB]
Total Response Commitments (PDF) [4 pp, 122KB]
Total Cost Recovery Settlements (PDF) [4 pp, 139KB]

Part 4 - Federal Facility DQOs
Federal Facility Agreement (FFA)/ Interagency Agreements (IAG) (PDF) [3 pp, 86KB]
Base Closure Decision Completion (PDF) [3 pp, 88KB]
Final NPL Listing to RI/FS Start Duration (PDF) [3 pp, 100KB]
Duration of ROD to IAG Negotiation Completion (PDF) [3 pp, 85KB]
Timespan from ROD Signature to RA Start (PDF) [3 pp, 92KB]
Federal Facility Removal or RCRA Interim/Stabilization Measure (ISM) Starts (PDF) [3 pp, 87KB]
Restoration Advisory Boards (RABs)/Site-Specific Advisory Boards (SSABs) (PDF) [3 pp, 95KB]

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