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Poster Presentations

What's New?
  • The Call for Proposals is now closed. Selection committee decisions will be sent via e-mail to all lead presenters for submitted proposals in early April.
  • The Technology Demonstrations are now being combined with the poster and exhibit sessions. Please visit the Technology Demonstrations page for more information.
  • Registration for the 2013 Conference will open in mid-May.
  • Please Note: This year the EPA National Site Assessment Symposium will be held at the same time and place as the 2013 EPA Community Involvement Training Conference.

By presenting a poster, you have the opportunity to engage your audience for the entire length of the conference as opposed to one particular session. In addition, the conference agenda includes a scheduled poster presentation session during which you can discuss your poster with conference participants. The scheduled period is:

  • Poster Session/Networking Hour: Tuesday, July 30, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

During this session, we recommend that you stand near your poster so that viewers may ask you questions. You are not required to attend this session, but we highly recommend you do so to maximize your opportunities to present your project or activity, and to be available to conference participants to discuss your poster.

Poster Topics

Posters on Lessons Learned or Community Involvement Topics
You may prepare a poster presentation on any topic related to involving communities in the protection of the environment through outreach, education or public participation/community involvement. We encourage you to consider a poster presentation on a current project, lessons-learned from an activity or project, a successful approach you have implemented to meet community needs, or an innovative approach for dealing with a challenging situation. Please note that "commercial" posters are not allowed. Your poster is intended to present a visual account of an environmental outreach, education, or public participation project or activity, and not to market the qualifications of any particular individual or organization.

Posters on New Tools and Technologies
This year we are combining the technology demonstration area with the poster session. If instead of a case study or project, you have a new tool or technology that you would like to demonstrate during this time, please visit the Technology Demonstrations area for more information.

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Poster Specifications

Each poster presenter will use a panel that is 8 feet wide by 4 feet high that sits approximately 3 feet off the floor. To attach your poster and/or other materials to the board, you need to use push pins, which will be provided. The poster presentation can consist of one single sheet that displays your entire presentation or a number of pieces that together exhibit your work. We suggest that your poster and other materials be lightweight so as to allow for easy shipping and positioning. A small table will be placed under each poster panel for you to place additional materials relating to your presentation. Your poster presentation must fit within the available space and be attached to the poster panel board; no free-standing posters or exhibits will be permitted.

You can use laptop computers and other electronic equipment for your poster presentation. However, the use of such equipment is intended to supplement the poster materials displayed on the panel. Poster displays made up of just a laptop computer or other electronic equipment are not permitted. If you use electronic equipment, you must provide the equipment and are solely responsible for it. We recommend that you only use the equipment during the scheduled poster session on Tuesday evening.

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Poster Awards

Awards will be given for the two best posters to recognize those individuals with the most outstanding poster presentations. Both awards will be presented to the winners during the plenary session on Thursday, August 1 from 8:00 am to 9:00 a.m. The first award, the "People's Choice" award, will be decided by conference participants. During the poster session/evening reception throughout the first two days of the conference, conference participants can view the posters and vote for their favorite poster presentation. Ballots and the ballot box for voting for the People's Choice award will be available at the conference registration desk and near the poster displays.

The second award, the "Best Overall Award," will be awarded to the presenter(s) whose poster exhibits the best presentation of subject matter, layout and design, and quality of research. A panel of judges will decide the winner of the "Best Overall Award," and will evaluate each poster based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity: Poster has a coherent and effective message
  • Layout and Design: Poster is well organized and neat (aesthetic composition)
  • Content and Research: Poster content is engaging and original, well planned, and thoroughly researched
  • Readability: Poster is legible from five feet away

In addition to receiving an award during the Thursday plenary session, the award recipients will be recognized on the 2013 Community Involvement Training Conference website. After the conference, photographs or PDF documents of the award-winning poster presentations will be placed on the web page.

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Applying to Participate in the Poster Session

If you are interested in presenting a poster, please download the MS Word fill-in form application, answer the application questions, and save your document as either a MS Word, or PDF file. Submit the document via email to Mark Farkosh, mark.farkosh@emsus.com.

Download the Poster Application Form in Microsoft Word format (1 page, 42.5 K)

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Questions or Additional Information

If you would like more information on presenting a poster, please contact Mark Farkosh with EMS at 301-589-5318 or mark.farkosh@emsus.com.

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