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What's New?
  • If you cannot attend the conference in person, click here to register for the online streaming sessions.
  • The room block at the Sheraton is now open. Reservations must be made by July 3, 2015, to receive the group rate. Click here to make reservations.
  • There are still slots available for the Eco Café. If you are interested in participating, please visit the Eco Café page.

To register in person, please click on the following links below:

ONLINE STREAMING (not in-person) Registration:
To register for the online streaming sessions, click here. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Theme and Tracks

The theme of this year's training conference is "Making a Visible Difference in Communities," which is one of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy's core goals. The overall goal of the training conference is to provide an exceptional experience that both informs and trains EPA staff, as well as the Agency's stakeholders, in best practices to enhance community involvement. In keeping with both our training conference theme and goal, conference sessions will fall under one of the following four tracks:

Track 1 — Where to Begin: Creating and Maintaining Effective Community Involvement

Examples of topics in this track include:

  • Core community involvement tools, best practices, and principles
  • Case studies about creating and maintaining effective community involvement
  • How to evaluate community involvement work

Track 2 — The Art of Leveraging Existing Capacity and Resources in Community Involvement

Examples of topics in this track include:

  • Collaborating among federal agencies, states, tribes, local government, and other stakeholders
  • Cross-agency cooperation (HUD, DOT, CDC, HHS, etc.)
  • Utilizing existing institutional knowledge within an organization to improve community involvement work and maximize resources
  • Building and harnessing existing capabilities within a community to strengthen community involvement, such as with citizen science (a method where volunteers contribute to scientific investigations)
  • Engaging all indigenous peoples/communities in environmental and public health protection (implementation of new EPA policy for tribes and indigenous peoples)

Track 3 — Healthy Environment & Healthy Economy = A Sustainable Community

Examples of topics in this track include:

  • Environmental justice and economic development
  • The relationship between a healthy environment and a healthy economy
  • Community involvement and climate change
  • Job training programs
  • Grants and aid for communities
  • Green infrastructure and community involvement

Track 4 — Communication & Community Engagement: Traditional Methods to Contemporary Technologies

Examples of topics in this track include:

  • "Tried and true" methods of communication
  • Social media and collaborative technologies with applications for community involvement
  • Any other methods for communicating and collaborating without the ability to travel

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How to Register to Attend the Conference In Person

To register to attend the training conference in person, click the link at the bottom of this page under the 'Ready to Register?' section. Please click here to review sessions and field trips information. Registration will be open until July 22, 2015. Registration is only available for the 3-, 4-, and 7-hour training sessions and field trips. The 90-minute sessions will be open on a first come, first served basis onsite.

Note: Registration on this page is for attending the training conference IN PERSON. Please click here Exit EPA Disclaimer to register for the online streaming sessions.

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To Cancel Your Conference Registration

To cancel your training conference registration, please click on the link below or contact Catherine Sims at 301-589-5318, ext. 23 or via email at catherine.sims@emsus.com. If you cannot attend, please remember to cancel your registration so that other participants will be able to attend the conference activities.

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Ready to Register?

Please click the link below to register to attend the conference in person on the Trainex site.
https://www.trainex.org/ciconference/registration/ Exit EPA Disclaimer

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