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Program Benefits

“I was under a mountain of trouble with no way out in sight, and SuperJTI has helped put me back in control of my own life. I have hope for a bright future coupled with a plan forward and a solid employment opportunity and I owe it all to SuperJTI.” - Trainee

By working together, EPA and its local partners can make the most of available resources and expertise to help citizens living in communities affected by Superfund sites.

SuperJTI benefits residents by:

  • Increasing their understanding of cleanup efforts in their community, consistent with EPA's community involvement objectives.
  • Providing them with new marketable skills, enhancing their employment potential.
  • Helping them play an active role in the protection and restoration of their neighborhoods.

SuperJTI assists local communities by:

  • Providing job opportunities for qualified residents.
  • Increasing the skills of the local labor pool.
  • Increasing the local tax base.

The program benefits contractors by:

  • Providing a local pool of trained workers.
  • Building goodwill in the community and boosting local economies.

Finally, SuperJTI assists EPA by:

  • Building long-term relationships with communities and partner organizations.
  • Raising community awareness of site conditions and cleanup efforts.
  • Providing skilled workers for site cleanups.
  • Demonstrating EPA's commitment to meaningful community involvement.

If you are interested in learning more about the SuperJTI program, please visit the SuperJTI Assistance Where You Live Web page.


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