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Community Partners

Community partners are an integral part of SuperJTI. At each project, SuperJTI hires a local community-based organization or individual, often called the primary community partner, to assist with implementing the project on the ground. In the past, SuperJTI has hired local nonprofit organizations, counties, tribes, environmental groups and Environmental Justice (EJ) organizations as primary community partners. The groups hired by SuperJTI are very active locally, with a significant stake in the outcomes of the projects in their communities

SuperJTI’s primary community partners assist with projects from start to finish. In conjunction with SuperJTI staff, it is the responsibility of the primary community partner to:

  • Conduct outreach and recruitment in the community near the Superfund site where cleanup is occurring.
  • Assist with screening of candidates for the program.
  • Provide oversight and counseling to trainees during the training program.
  • Provide follow-up services to each graduate following job placement for a period of six months to one year.

The primary community partner is essential to the success of SuperJTI projects. They provide valuable community insights as well as local contacts, information resources, logistical support and guidance on how SuperJTI can best reach the target demographic for the program. Overall, the primary community partner acts as a champion for SuperJTI and represents the project in the community.