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Technical Assistance Services for Communities (TASC)

“I would want other communities interested in technical assistance to know that they should not be discouraged by a lack of knowledge or information in pursuing their goals. TASC has the expertise and skills needed to guide communities in the direction of their choice.”
- Community representative for the Red Panther Chemical Company TASC project

Welcome to the Technical Assistance Services for Communities (TASC) program website. TASC is a national EPA program that provides technical assistance services to communities. To support healthy communities and strengthen environmental protection, EPA works closely with communities to make sure they have the technical help they need. Sometimes, a community may need more help to fully understand local environmental issues and participate in decision-making. The purpose of the TASC program is to meet this need.

The TASC program supplies communities with technical help so they can better understand the science, regulations and policies of environmental issues and EPA actions. TASC services support community efforts to get more involved and work productively with EPA to address environmental issues. TASC services are provided at no cost to communities.

The TASC website describes program services, highlights projects and resources, and provides contact information for communities interested in learning more. The following documents will provide you with an overview of the TASC program:

TASC Brochure English (PDF) (2 pp, 906K, About PDF)

TASC Brochure Spanish (PDF) (2 pp, 886K, About PDF)

2007-2009 TASC Annual Report (PDF) (16 pp, 4.4MB, About PDF)

2010-2012 TASC Program Report (PDF) (20 pp, 4.3MB, About PDF)

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