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Superfund Program Implements the Recovery Act

GMH Electronics

Roxboro, North Carolina

Site Description
From about 1972 to 2004, the site was the home of GMH Electronics, a producer of electronic components.  The company used volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as part of its parts-washing operations.  These VOCs were discharged into an on-site septic system without proper treatment.  Sample results show that the waste solvents from GMH Electronics’ operations have discharged into the ground water and have mixed with petroleum hydrocarbons left over from two previously removed underground storage tanks located on the site property.   As a result, a VOC plume extends approximately three-quarters of a mile from the GMH Electronics property.  

Cleanup Activities to Date
EPA proposed the site to the National Priorities List in April 2009.  Because private residential wells in the vicinity of the site have been affected by the contaminated plume, EPA performed an emergency action that included providing 17 households with an alternate water supply. 

Recovery Act Project Activity
EPA will use the $1.2 million in Recovery Act funding to extend the existing City of Roxboro's municipal drinking water line to the area affected by the contamination. Residences that have contamination attributable to the site in their private drinking water wells, or are located within a 500-foot buffer area of the contaminated ground water plume, will be offered a connection to this public water supply. A follow-up action will be needed to address contaminated sources, contaminated ground water, and any other contaminated media caused by the site.

FY2011 highlights include:

  • On September 28, 2009 EPA awarded a Political Subdivision Lead Remedial Cooperative Agreement to Person County. As of September 2010, approximately 20,000 linear feel of 8-inch ductile iron water mains have been installed. Approximately 50 homes were offered a connection to the public water supply and were connected to the supply by December 2010.

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