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The Contract Management Branch (CMB) provides leadership for the management of the Office of Superfund Remediation Technology Innovation's (OSRTI) Headquarters support contracts, that serve the Superfund, Emergency Response and Removal, and Oil Programs, as well as planning, oversight and support for all regionally-delegated and regional-support contracts (e.g., RAC, START, ERRS, and ESAT). CMB staff work closely with staff from other OSRTI Branches to coordinate cross-organizational contracts issues and support Regional needs.

This Branch coordinates contracting activities of OSRTI's work assignment managers, assists in the development and execution of work assignments, monitors contract resources, updates and implements new contracts guidance and procedures, interacts with the contractor's program management representatives in all areas impacting the success of the contracts, leads new contract award efforts (including planning and estimating cost of the acquisitions, and preparing Statements of Work). CMB also provides expert assistance to other OSRTI Branches with lead contract, grants, Interagency Agreements, and Memorandum of Understanding responsibilities.

CMB participates in focused assessments in the Regions to promote excellence in contracts management, and coordinates contracting activities in association with the Acquisition Staff in the OSWER Immediate Office. The Branch serves as the OSRTI focal point for the Contracts 2000 National Workgroup in the development, implementation, and evaluation of Superfund long-term contracting strategies.

Products and Services


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