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Rules of Thumb for Superfund Remedy Selection

This guidance document describes key principles and expectations, interspersed with "best practices" based on program experience, that should be consulted during the Superfund remedy selection process. These remedy selection "Rules of Thumb" are organized into three major policy areas:

  1. risk assessment and risk management,
  2. developing remedial alternatives, and
  3. ground-water response actions.

The purpose of this guide is to briefly summarize key elements of various remedy selection guidance documents and policies in one publication. EPA believes that consistent application of national policy and guidance is an important means by which we ensure the reasonableness, predictability, and cost-effectiveness of our decisions. Gathering these remedy selection policy expectations into one document will support our ongoing efforts to promote these important objectives. For more detailed discussions of these policy areas, consult the National Contingency Plan (NCP) and the guidance documents listed at the end of each section. This guide has been developed as one of the Superfund administrative reforms announced by Administrator Carol Browner on October 2, 1995.

Rules of Thumb for Superfund Remedy Selection (PDF) (150 K, 27 pp, About PDF)
Please Note: This file contains corrected typographical mistakes as of May 25, 1999


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