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Remedy Documentation

This page provides standard guidance on remedy documentation to ensure that selected remedies are clearly documented and corresponding decisions are consistent with CERCLA, the NCP, and EPA guidance.

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

"Guide to Preparing Superfund Proposed Plans, Records of Decision, and Other Remedy Selection Decision Documents"1 (July 1999)
Offers clear guidelines on writing Records of Decision (RODs), Explanations of Significant Differences (ESDs) and ROD Amendments. It includes a comprehensive description of each document type with recommended outlines and sample language for each. [182 pp]
EPA 540-R-98-031, OSWER 9200.1-23P, NTIS: PB98-963241INX HTML

"Toolkit for Preparing CERCLA Record of Decision" (September 2011)
This document provides Remedial Project Managers (RPMs) with a resource to help improve the public transparency and understanding of Superfund Records of Decisions (RODs). It provides suggestions on means to convey information graphically and visually in a ROD or in a separate outreach document and is designed to be viewed electronically. The format allows the reader to zoom into the detail presented in the color grahics. The resource document may be used for federal and non-federal Superfund decision documents. [21 pp]
OSWER 9355.6-10
PDF Searchable (30MB)

"Suggested ROD Language for Various Ground Water Remediation Options" (Octover 1990)
Provides guidance and sample language for Superfund Records of Decision (RODs) concerning ground water. Major subject areas covered include: attainment of remediation goals, contingency measures, ARAR waivers, and interim actions. [9 pp]
OSWER 9283.1-03, NTIS: PB91-921325INX
PDF Searchable (43 K)

"Submission of Records of Decision (RODs) Documents in Electronic Format" (January 2001)
Transmits EPA's next step towards a paper-less office by requiring all decision document copies be forwarded to Headquarters in electronic (PDF) format. [2pp]
OSWER 9335.5-05
PDF Searchable (30 K)

"Superfund Responsiveness Summaries (Superfund Management Review - Recommendation Number #43E)" (June 1990)
Describes the background of responsiveness summaries and outlines a new format intended to provide summaries that can deal thoroughly with complicated legal and technical issues while maintaining true responsiveness to local communities.
OSWER 9230.0-06, NTIS: PB90-273731INX [6 pp]
PDF Searchable (31 K)

Superseded Documents

1 This Document Supersedes all of the Following:

"Guide to Addressing Pre-ROD and Post-ROD Changes" (April 1991) OSWER 9355.3-02FS-4

"Guide to Developing Superfund No Action, Interim Action, and Contingency Remedy RODs" (April 1991) OSWER 9355.3-02FS-3

"A Guide to Developing Superfund Records of Decision" (May 1990) OSWER 9335.3-02FS-1

"A Guide to Developing Superfund Proposed Plans" (May 1990) OSWER 9335.3-02FS-2

"Guidance on Preparing Superfund Decision Documents: The Proposed Plan, The Records of Decision, Explanation of Significant Differences, The Records of Decision Amendment: Interim Final" (July 1989; October 1989) EPA/540/G-89/007

2 This Document Supersedes:

"Interim Guidance on Administrative Records for Selection of CERCLA Response Actions," (March 1989)


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