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Removal Responses

Removal responses are common at Superfund Sites when the contamination poses an immediate threat to human health and the environment. Removals are classified as either time-critical or non-time-critical depending on the extent and type of contamination. Site managers have many logistical considerations to balance under high time constraints. The documents below are a partial list of EPA's guidance for removals. The remainder are available through the EPA Removal Team.

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"Use of Non-Time-Critical Removal Authority in Superfund Response Actions" (February 2000)
This memorandum will guide project managers during the decision process of selecting between remedial and removal actions. Pertinent NCP criteria are summarized to ensure that Regions properly consider and document the rationale for employing removal authorities. [7 pp]
OSWER 9360.0-40P
PDF Searchable (46 K)

"Conducting Non-Time-Critical Removal Actions under CERCLA" (December 1993)
Summarizes "Guidance on Conducting Non-Time-Critical Removal Actions Under CERCLA" (OSWER Directive 9360.0-32). The guidance is to be used in conjunction with EPA's Superfund Removal Procedure (SRP) manual. [ 4 pp]
EPA 540/F-94/009, OSWER 9360.0-32FS, NTIS: PB93-963422
PDF Searchable (45 K)

"Guidance on Non-NPL Removal Actions Involving Nationally Significant or Precedent-Setting Issues" (March 1989)
Outlines the defining criteria to determine if a non-NPL removal action requires Headquarters concurrence. Also details procedures that should accommodate removals belonging to five categories that do not require HQ concurrence. For mercury, see updated policies described in "Concurrence Policy For Mercury Removals" (May 1998). [9 pp]
OSWER 9360.0-19
PDF Searchable (32 K)

"Final Guidance on Implementation of the "Consistency" Exemption to the Statutory Limits on Removal Actions" 1 (June 1989)
Outlines the appropriate applications of the "Consistency" exemption for removal actions exceeding the statutory limit of one year or $2 million. Supersedes the 1987 guidance. [5 pp]
OSWER 9360.0-12A
PDF Searchable (23 K)

"Concurrence Policy for Mercury Removals" (May 1998)
Modifies Headquarters consultation requirements concerning removal actions addressing certain residential mercury contaminations. Mercury contamination will no longer be considered "nationally significant" unless the contamination is contained within the building structure, in which case consultation requirements should be followed in accordance with "Response Actions at Sites with Contamination Inside Buildings" (August 1993). [3 pp]
OSWER 9360.1-05
PDF Searchable (21 K)

"CERCLA Removal Actions at Methane Release Sites" (January 1986)
This memorandum clarifies OSRTI policy regarding removal actions at methane gas release sites under CERCLA authority. [2 pp]
OSWER 9360.0-8
PDF Searchable (17 K)

Superseded Documents

1 This rule supersedes: "Guidance on Implementation of the Revised Statutory Limits on Removal Actions" (April 1987) OSWER Directive 9360.0-12


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