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Developing and Documenting OSWER Cost Estimates

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"Transmittal of Final Guidance for Cost Estimating" (Aug 2000)
The purpose of this document is to transmit the final guidance document titled "A Guide to Developing and Documenting Cost Estimates During the Feasibility Study." [2 pp]
EPA 540/R-D0/002, OSWER 9355.0-75
PDF Image (49 K)

"A Guide to Developing and Documenting Cost Estimates During the Feasibility Study"1 (July 2000)
Addresses cost estimates of remedial alternatives developed during the remedial investigation/feasibility study process. The goals of this guidance are to improve the consistency, completeness, and accuracy of cost estimates developed to support the Superfund remedy selection process. The document presents clear procedures and expectations, a checklist of cost elements, and example formats. This guide is designed to help those with varying levels of cost estimating expertise, including: cost estimators, design engineers, technical support contractors, remedial project managers, and program managers. [108 pp]
OSWER 9355.0-75

Main Guidance   PDF Searchable (544 K, 76 pp)
Appendices: A-Internet Resources   PDF Searchable (83 K, 16 pp)
B-Cost Adjustment Factors   PDF Searchable (61 K, 6 pp)
C-Example Cost Templates   PDF Searchable (22 K, 8 pp)
D-Glossary   PDF Searchable (13 K, 2 pp)

"Scoper's Notes - An RI/FS Costing Guide. Bringing in a Quality RI/FS on Time and Within Budget"2 (February 1990)
Outlines the tasks and sub-tasks typically conducted as part of a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS), and presents a strategy based on site complexity and task difficulty for estimating a project's cost. Provides cost guidelines which can be used to estimate funding needs in advance of issuing work assignments and evaluating contractor proposals. [29 pp]
EPA 540/G-90/002, NTIS: PB90-258369INX
PDF Searchable (194 K)

"Revisions to OMB Circular A-94 on Guidelines and Discount Rates for Benefit-Cost Analysis" (June 25, 1993)
Revises EPA policy regarding the discount rate that should be used in estimating the present worth value for potential remediation alternatives in the remedial investigation/feasibility study. Explains that EPA policy has been changed to 7% in order to be consistent with the 1992 revisions to Circular A-94, issued by the Office of Management and Budget. [2 pp]
OSWER 9355.3-20
PDF Image (86 K)

Superseded Documents

1 & 2 These two documents together supersede and update the following:

Remedial Action Costing Procedures Manual" (October 1988) (EPA/600/8-87/049)
Section of "Guidance for Conducting Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies under CERCLA -Interim Final" (October 1988) (EPA/540/G-89/004)


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