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Superfund Analytical Services / Contract Laboratory Program (CLP)


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ASB Online Tools

The Analytical Servies Branch (ASB) provides the following online tools to assist clients, samplers, and laboratories.

  • ASR (for sampling project scheduling and tracking)
  • ESDS (for submission of electronic sample documentation information)
  • EXES (for data assessment and contract compliance screening)
  • STS (check delivery status of CLP data)

Analytical Services Request (ASR)

Analytical Services Request (ASR) allows users to manage the sample request and scheduling processes based on their roles, responsibilities, and assigned user privileges. ASR allows users to perform the following tasks:

  • Regions create, update, and submit requests for analytical services;
  • SMO assigns and notifies laboratories and Regional personnel of a laboratory's assignment;
  • SMO and the Regions verify the accuracy of site data; and
  • Laboratories confirm acceptance of an assignment to perform analytical services.

To access ASR, visit the SMO Portal. Exit EPA Disclaimer

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Electronic Sample Documentation System (ESDS)

The Electronic Sample Documentation System (ESDS) is a web-based tool that allows the Sample Management Office (SMO) to electronically receive sample documentation information. Field samplers use ESDS to transmit the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) files generated by sampling data collection software to SMO. SMO processes the data from these XML files and provides shipping information to CLP laboratories.

To access ESDS, visit the SMO Portal. Exit EPA Disclaimer

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Electronic Data Exchange and Evaluation System (EXES)

The web-based Electronic Data Exchange and Evaluation System (EXES) was developed in conjunction with the Superfund Organic Methods (SOM) and is used by CLP customers and laboratories to perform data assessment and contract compliance screening. To access EXES, visit the SMO Portal. Exit EPA Disclaimer

For CLP Customers

EXES provides automated data review and evaluation to CLP customers. EXES provides CLP customers with electronic data assessment reports and spreadsheets customized to their data review needs.

For CLP Laboratories

EXES provides contract compliance screening to CLP laboratories. Laboratories use EXES to upload their Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) and receive an emailed report outlining any compliance issues found in the EDD. This allows CLP laboratories to inspect the contractual completeness and compliance of their EDD prior to delivery to EPA, resulting in a more compliant deliverable for CLP customers.

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SDG Tracking System (STS)

The EPA Analytical Services Branch (ASB), EPA Regions, and CLP laboratories use the web-based SDG Tracking System (STS) to track delivery of their CLP data. CLP data is organized into groups called Sample Delivery Groups (SDGs). STS includes advanced search and filtering options to provide users with the ability to quickly and accurately find the SDG(s) the require. Users may view detailed information specific to each SDG, including:

  • information for each sample including the matrix and fractions analyzed for the SDG, and any relevant Modified Analysis (MA) information;
  • SDG comments, including explanations for late data, projected delivery date, data due date extensions, and if a waiver was granted; and
  • invoicing information, including invoice number, estimated prompt payment start date, and estimated prompt payment end date.

To access STS, visit the SMO Portal. Exit EPA Disclaimer

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