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Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC)

Welcome Letter from the Branch Chief

This page contains information about the Quality Assurance / Quality Control measures implemented by the Analytical Services Branch (ASB) in the Contract Laboratory Program (CLP).

General Information

The CLP provides a comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) program through on-site audits, PE samples, quarterly performance reports, fraud detection mechanisms, performance-based scheduling, and continuous inspection of laboratory data for contractual compliance.

To simplify the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) development process, the CLP predefines elements such as: analytical methods; preventive laboratory equipment maintenance and calibration; sample shipment chain-of custody procedures and forms; analytical precision and accuracy (including quantitation limits for organic and detection limits for inorganics); laboratory Quality Control (QC) requirements; data management, and documentation for laboratory analysis.

The CLP has implemented a number of supporting services to ensure that data of known and documented quality is provided to its CLP customers. The Sample Management Office (SMO) was established to provide centralized operational support to help ASB meet program challenges. SMO provides services necessary to schedule, track, invoice, and assess laboratory data to help ASB accomplish its mission of guaranteeing that CLP analytical services are effectively monitored and utilized. In addition, SMO acts as the repository for both hard copy and electronic data. The Quality Assurance Technical Support (QATS) contractor provides PE samples, assists with on-site audits, conducts data tape audits, and evaluates new methods.

CLP data is compliant with EPA Order 5360.1 quality requirements that require data to withstand independent review and confirmation.

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EPA Data-Quality Related Documents

The Office of Environmental Information's (OEI's) Quality Staff develops EPA-wide Quality System policies, develops supporting guidance and tools, provides related training and outreach, and oversees implementation by EPA organizations. Please use the links below for useful documents, tools, and training provided by OEI.

Additional information and resources may be found at the EPA Region 10 Quality Assurance Unit Web Site.

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